Saturday, February 23, 2013

Review of The Vampire Diaries S4. Ep15: Stand By Me


This had to be the most heartbreaking episode of the series.  Nina deserves an Oscar for her acting.  You could see and feel Elena’s pain, and when she flipped the switch, you could see the light go out in her eyes, as if she died along with Jeremy.  Burning down the Gilbert house, with all of Elena’s possessions, her childhood memories,  and every reminder of the family that she’s lost seems to be a symbol of her finally accepting the fact that she’s possibly going to be a vampire forever, and that she’s ready to begin a new chapter in her life. Burning Jer’s body in the house, that will be up for some debate for a while. Elena needed to flip the switch, whether Damon used the sire bond to make her, or she did it on her own, he grief would have consumed her totally and irreversibly.  It will be both fun and interesting to see how she’s going to act now. Will she become Kat 2.0? At least we know that the triangle will be on hold until she turns her humanity back on.  It was also heartbreaking to see Matt break down, losing yet another friend himself.


What kid of havoc is Silas (In the form of Prof Shane)  going to wreck? And is Bonnie going to be able to realize she’s been   had?

We now know how Katherine knew about the cure: Hayley was working for her. Perhaps this is the reason Klaus is leaving and heading to New Orleans.

Is Tyler coming back?

Next episode airing on March 14: Elena eats the competition

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