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Interesting Theory-Amara Is Alive!


IN S5 Ep3, Quetsiya Told Stefan that 2,000  years ago, she and Silas were to be married, and they were to take the Immortality Formula. But on their wedding day, she found out that Silas was cheating on her with Amara, her handmaid, who seems to be the Original ancestor of Elena and Katherine, and they are her dopplegangers. She Claims to have given Amara The Cure, then killed her, showing a heart to Silas.  

Could Amara be alive?

If she had died, why would have Nature created Katherine and Elena as Dopplegangers to balance the existance of an Immortal?

WE NEVER SAW A BODY!!!! Perhaps Questiya did kill Amara, but preformed a preservation spell on her, like was done with Esther 1,000 years ago after Klaus killed her. 

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5 Revelations From The Forthcoming Final Sookie Stackhouse Book-Courtesy Of Barnes And Noble



5 Revelations from the Forthcoming Final Sookie Stackhouse Book!

Posted by Paul Goat Allen × October 22, 2013 at 12:30 pm

Charlaine Harris's After Dead

In all of my 25 years in the book business—as a bookstore manager, author, book reviewer, and blogger—I have never seen readers as pissed off as they were last May, when Dead Ever After, the final installment of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse saga, was released. Some fans of the iconic series were upset because the storyline didn’t end as they had hoped. (I thought the ending was the absolutely perfect way to wrap up the series.) While I was disappointed by these reactions, I understood the sentiment. Readers LOVE these books. It’s been a big part of many lives for more than a decade, since Dead Until Darkwas released in 2001. Sookie and her friends are almost like family members to some readers, and Bon Temps, Louisiana, is like a home away from home—reading Harris’s words, you can almost taste the iced tea and fried pickles.

One of the biggest criticisms of the last Sookie novel was that the futures of all of the major (and minor) characters were left largely unexplored. Readers desperately wanted to know what would happen to Sookie, Sam, Bill, Alcide, Eric, and the rest.

Well, now they can!

The soon-to-be-released After Dead (October 29) offers the ultimate conclusion to the Sookie Stackhouse saga. Featuring highlights (and lowlights) from the futures of almost 150 characters, Harris has called After Dead “my coda to the books that have dominated my professional life for over a decade.”

Ever wonder what happened to Sookie and her Bon Temps friends? All of your questions will be answered in this laugh-out-loud collection of “where are they now?” updates!

Here are just five revelations that you’ll find within After Dead:

ALCIDE HERVEAUX finally stopped being foolish and impulsive where women were concerned. When his rogue werewolf lady turned out to be a poor match, he became interested in a surveyor who worked for one of his business rivals, a werelynx named Callie Brown. Callie, a short, compact, no-nonsense kind of woman, kept Alcide in order for the rest of his life. She had five children with Alcide, and she went to work at Herveaux and Son, which after a period of time became Herveaux and Sons when the three boys started to work there. Of their two daughters, one became a beauty pageant contestant and eventually Miss Louisiana, and the other became a social worker. Alcide and Callie had fifteen grandchildren. They both passed away at advanced ages.”

“The vampire short-order cook ANTHONY BOLIVAR became a celebrity chef and appeared on the Food Channel several times. After he was arrested for picking up a prostitute and overdrinking from her, the Food Channel asked him to pack his knives. He began traveling again and occasionally takes a night shift at a restaurant… maybe one near you.”

JASON STACKHOUSE had a surprisingly good marriage. To everyone’s amazement except Michele’s, he never cheated on her. Michele stayed on at her ex-father-in-law’s car dealership until she retired, though the dealership had long since passed into other hands. Jason kept his job with the parish. After miscarrying once, Michele bore two children, Marie and Corbett. Marie was sweet natured and telepathic (that damn essential spark), but not too bright, and the combination led to Marie’s having many problems in school, though she inherited the Stackhouse good looks. Corbett, a year younger, spent a lot of his school years defending his sister…”

HANK CLEARWATER contracted gonorrhea.”

BUBBA continued to be passed from vampire kingdom to vampire kingdom, but while he was in Tennessee, he escaped from his minder to visit his gravesite, causing a near riot. After that, the vampire council censured Tennessee and ruled that Bubba couldn’t enter the state for fifty years. He is in Canada now. He hates the winters.”

There are tons of funny anecdotes in this book—and more than a few bombshell revelations! The updates on Sookie and Sam, Eric, and particularly Bill will have fans of this series picking their jaws up off of the floor. Readers will undoubtedly cherish this thoughtful and utterly satisfying glimpse into the futures of Sookie and crew—an unforgettable ending to an unforgettable series.

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Big Spoiler


In TVD ep 7 or 8-One of the characters will pull a "Reverse Benjamin Button" Aging rapidly. Could it be Katherine?

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Kristen Bauer van Straten & Lauren Bowles At NYC Comic Con-Courtesy Of The Vault



Kristin Bauer van Straten and Lauren Bowles appeared on a two-woman panel for True Blood today at the Jacob Javits Center for New York Comic-Con 2013. Originally, Rutina Wesley was to join the two stars, but she cancelled last week.

The following is the report of the panel by

The two ladies talked for 40 minutes about their starts on the show and the upcoming final season and then took some questions from the fans in the audience.

Bauer kicked things off by revealing she was a huge fan of the HBO series Deadwood and thought that she would love to be on a show on the network. Sure enough, she auditioned for the part of Pam and is still playing the role six years later.


Bauer also said that she read the first book in The Southern Vampire Mysteries series but eventually stopped because the show veered so far away from the novels. Her 80-year-old mother, however, read every page.
“She says, ‘They’re my whole sex life,’” Bauer said.

Bowles, who remarked that Pam has the best lines and costumes on the show, half-joked that she is terrified every time she gets a script because she’s afraid Holly will be killed. She joined the cast as a guest in Season 3 and then as a main character in Season 4, but she was worried the whole thing was a dream.

“I completely felt like Dorothy in Oz,” Bowles said. “Like, security’s about to take me away in 15 minutes.”

Bauer also revealed that she and Alexander Skarsgard did not want to shoot the scene where Eric releases Pam. They protested and tried to come up with logical reasons why it would not happen, but the writers told them to do it anyway.

As for the upcoming final season, Bowles relayed showrunner Brian Buckner’s idea to pare the series down from its broad, multiple storylines and return it to a small town soap opera. For herself, she wants to see Holly go back to her Wiccan ways.

One fan in the audience asked the ladies how they would end the show if they were running it, and Bauer replied that she would end it in such a way that would allow for a movie.

Asked about the legacy of the show, Bauer said she believes True Blood has changed television because it is a thoughtful show with plenty of action and sex appeal that will stand the test of time.

Notes From The Panel:

  • Bauer revealed that Nelsan Ellis added Lafayette’s catchphrase, “hookah,” to his character.
  • Bauer worked with Giancarlo Esposito, who played Gustavo Fring on Breaking Bad, on the show Once Upon A Time. Bauer revealed that she is at the end of [watching] Season 2 of Breaking Bad, which caused Bowles to comment, “Oh, you have no idea what’s in store for you.” The two also told a story that the cast and crew of True Blood talks about Breaking Bad all the time, while the cast and crew of Breaking Bad constantly discussed True Blood.
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus is Bowles’ older sister. Bowles and Bauer also both appeared on Seinfeld.
  • A fan asked about their favorite supernatural scenes on the show. Bowles chose the scene where Eric ripped out a man’s heart at the end of Season 4 and drank from his aorta. Bauer picked when Pam staked Longshadow [we assume that the author meant when Bill staked Longshadow] and her fight scene with Eric, which she said involved two days of wirework for her and Skarsgard.
  • Another fan asked their thoughts about Eric’s scene in the Season 6 finale. Bauer replied, “All I heard about was his penis. I was traveling and I heard about it and I was like, ‘What did he do now?’”
  • Bauer said the relationship between Pam and Tara is complicated and she assumed they would do more with it in Season 6, but the writers told her that the characters had other commitments.
  • Bowles guessed, when asked, that there would be no more maenads or Greek god worshipers in Season 7, but added that she is usually wrong when she thinks she knows what’s going to happen.
  • The two ladies said the show will likely figure out the Hepatitis V problem next season.


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What do you think her intentions are?  Ally or Foe of Silas?