Sunday, February 17, 2013

Review Of TVD s4. ep14: Down The Rabbit Hole


This Ep Can Be Summed Up In A Few Words:


Heartbreak for Caroline And Tyler

Heartbreak that there is only 1 dose of  the cure

Heartbreak when Elena finds out what happened to Jeremy

And last but not least:


Looks like Elena and the boys are gonna be up for a little Kat hunting in the upcoming episodes!



If Silas could snap Jer’s neck while still mostly fossilized, he’s probably gonna be one bad ass when he’s fully recovered!

So much for that alliance between Rebekah, Stefan, and Elena

Will Jer’s death (?)  cause Elena to flip the switch on her emotions?  Will this being her and   Damon even closer?

How did Kat know about the cure?  We can only guess she’s been lurking in the shadows of Mystic Falls for the past season and a half!

What happened to the scene of Tyler  hovering over an unconscious Klaus?

What is gonna happen to Vaughn?  How  about Prof. Shane?

Next week: Elena loses it

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