Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Grayson Gilbert Theories-Is He Alive?


Does anyone know if Grayson Gilbert (Elena's Adopted Father) Possesd one of the Gilbert Rings? There are 2 theories going around since he was shown in a photo with Megan, the roomie who was killed:
Damon caused the accident that killed Elena's parents in his quest for revenge, and Grayson faked his death, knowing the ring would save him.
Or since he was experimenting on vampires, perhaps he had drank vampire blood, and that's why he waved Stefan off during the accident, knowing he'd turn.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Clip From S5ep6-Handle With Care-Silas And Elena



Stills For S5Ep6-Handle With Care










kat-nadiaThink We’ll See any Mother/Daughter Bonding?

Katherine-What Is She Now?



What do you think Katherine is now? She was dead for a few seconds before you could hear her heart start beating again.
Is She Immortal?
Did Silas Drain all the Cure from her?
Could Nadia have fed her some of her blood, and she's in transisition? and is going to be a vampire again?
Or is she still human?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Interesting Theory-Amara Is Alive!


IN S5 Ep3, Quetsiya Told Stefan that 2,000  years ago, she and Silas were to be married, and they were to take the Immortality Formula. But on their wedding day, she found out that Silas was cheating on her with Amara, her handmaid, who seems to be the Original ancestor of Elena and Katherine, and they are her dopplegangers. She Claims to have given Amara The Cure, then killed her, showing a heart to Silas.  

Could Amara be alive?

If she had died, why would have Nature created Katherine and Elena as Dopplegangers to balance the existance of an Immortal?

WE NEVER SAW A BODY!!!! Perhaps Questiya did kill Amara, but preformed a preservation spell on her, like was done with Esther 1,000 years ago after Klaus killed her. 

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