Saturday, February 9, 2013

Review Of TVD S4.ep13: Into The Wild



Uh Oh!  Looks like a bump in the road to Delena!

Stefan and Rebekah: You 2 make a nice couple, keep it up!

Rebakah: We feel for ya, Babe:  We don’t blame you for being upset about what the MFG has done to you.

Shane: The Professor is out…of his mind!

Bonnie:  Bingo to those who said you were a descendant of Quetsia!

Bonnie/Jeremy: Don’t you think she took her time running her hand over the mark?

Klaus/Tyler/Caroline:  Nothing says love like biting the woman you proclaim your love for, knowing that your hybrid bite could be fatal to her, then waiting till she’s almost dead before giving her your blood to heal her. Smooth move, Klaus!  We were hoping for some hybrid on   hybrid fighting, but maybe next ep!


Elena, maybe you could have kept the super stake

Vaughn must have a complete mark, since Damon saw it

Next week:  Damon Vs. Vaughn, who will come out on top?

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