Monday, February 4, 2013

Review Of The Vampire Diaries S4. Ep12: A View To A Kill

RIP Kol., we hardly knew Ye buddy!  When/If Silas is unleashed, are you gonna be somewhere saying “I told you so”?
Elena And Jeremy:  Badass tagteam!  How do you feel being the killers of thousands of vampires, even though your motives were good?
Bonnie: Scary!  Showing your parents you aren’t a little girl any more, and  bringing 2 Originals to their knees in the same day!  We’re excited yet scared to see what the future  holds for you.
Damon:  That hug Elena gave you should tell you that her love is real, sire bond or not.
Stefan/Rebekah:  Love the chemistry between you 2, loved the 80’s music, maybe Bex isn’t the evil bitch everyone makes her out to be. All she wants is a normal  teenage life, although 1,000 years late.
Jeremy: You could have just taken your shirt off, couldn’t you? That scene was priceless.
Klaus:  We could feel your grief over Kol,  Will 3 days confinement to Elena's house cool you down?
Guess Rudy had the town water supply Vervained after Rebekah showered and before Elena did dishes.
Jeremy Mentioned Katherine: Is that a hint that the Divine Miss Petrova  will soon be making her triumphant return?
Let’s give Damon the last word:
Next week, we hit the Island-is the cure there and is it real?

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