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Anna And Stephen talk about colaborating as a couple-Courtesy of The Vault


We all know the story about Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer falling in love while playing star-crossed lovers on True Blood. Nowadays, Stephen and Anna have been married for several years with four children, but they also keep busy in other ways than family life. To promote CASM’s new film, in which Anna is starring, “Free Ride,” the couple sat down for an interview with Elle Magazine. Below is part of that interview.

Anna+Paquin+Stephen+Moyer+Free+Ride+Cast+Photo+mdZV64rfoXWlAnd though season seven of the vampire drama doesn’t return until summer, the couple’s latest effort, co-producing the thriller Free Ride (out today) stars Paquin as Christina, a single mom in the late ’70s who turns to pot smuggling to make ends meet. In real life, however, these two couldn’t be further from dire straits. The frisky duo let in on their disparate uses for cough medicine, bedroom seduction tactics, and how not to make an indie film.

What’s it like when you’re working together in different capacities?
Anna Paquin: It’s just as well that we like each other. [Giggles]
Stephen Moyer: It’s how we met; I think that’s key. We met working, and seeing each other in each other’s working environment. And she works really hard, which always makes me feel like I don’t do enough. So that’s really good to be around, because that makes me kind of ramp up.
So you don’t have to crack the whip with her,when you’re directing or producing…
SM: That’s at home. That’s in the bedroom.
AP: Excuse me! [Laughs] Please try to restrain yourself from saying anything completely inappropriate. Ignore him.
Are we getting a little sneak peek at how you guys would handle disputes, either on set or not?
SM: When it comes to disputes, it’s usually more of a …
AP: Discussion.
SM: … a discussion about where you’re trying to get to and what you’re trying to do. Anna was very good to me the first couple of times I directed, because she knew that I was under pressure, so she did everything that I asked. By the second or third time, it was more like, ‘You’re asking me to do something that is actually not humanly possible.’
AP: I’d go, ‘Actually, I can’t. I’m really sorry. My go-go dancer arms are at home.’ [Laughs]
You start shooting ‘True Blood’ again this month—and it’s the final season. What do you hope happens for Sookie?
AP: Honestly? There’s so many directions it could go in, and one of the things I love about our show is that I still get excited reading the scripts. There’s a part of me that doesn’t want to do the, ‘Oh, I hope this happens,’ or ‘What if this happens?’ because they’re pretty damn good.
SM: Three or four seasons into the show, we might have been able to tell you what we thought would be the end, or what we hoped would be the end. But by the time you get to season seven, I don’t know if anybody other than the guys creating it know what the best ending is. And so ultimately you have to sort of trust them to wind it up in a way that hopefully satisfies everybody a little bit. Because you’re not ever going to be able to make everybody happy. And the huge Eric fans…
AP: …or the huge Alcide fans…
SM: …or the huge Bill fans…
Or the huge Bill-and-Eric fans…
SM: Or the huge Bill-and-Eric fans …
AP: Beric?
SM: Beric fans! They’ll hopefully be able to tick off a lot of boxes, but you’re not going to be able to make that perfect ending.
One way to maybe satisfy everyone at once is to make Sookie’s fantasy of a Bill-Eric threesome come true.
AP: Yeah, that was an interesting day of production. And not just because I ended up half-naked on a couch with two different men. But just because that’s an awfully long time to spend walking around…
SM: …in red lingerie. Particularly attractive red lingerie!
AP: This is the point where he would say something that you don’t need to know about!
SM: Because he can’t help himself.
Go over to to read the entire interview and see their exclusive clip from Free Ride with Anna Paquin.

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