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Season 6 Spoilers-John Fleck Cast As Dr. Overlark-Courtesy of The Examiner



'True Blood' season 6 spoilers: John Fleck cast as Dr. Overlark

John Fleck has been cast as Dr. Overlark on season six of "True Blood."

John Fleck has been cast as Dr. Overlark on season six of "True Blood."




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Most fans have guessed, "True Blood" seems to have taken a political turn for season six. Many new characters are being added this season to play their part in the vampire and shifter war against humans. On March 24Carter Matt reports that John Fleck has been cast to pay Dr. Overlark, one of the many new cast members for the season.

From what we know so far, Dr. Overlark is the vampire hating adviser of the Governor of Louisiana. He will be in several episodes this season in his advisory capacity, likely trying to tempt the governor to make a move against the super natural community. Governor Burrell is bitter against all vampires because his wife left him and their daughter for a vampire.

There is no word as to how big of a role this story line will have on this season as Billith is likely to be a big problem now that he's a demigod and all. Jurnee Smollett-Bell is also joining the cast in a vampire hating capacity as well.

How do you feel about this political turn to "True Blood?"


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